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Bingo Speak | Chat Dictionary

In-game bingo chat and bingo terminology can be daunting for the newbie bingo player.
Biggest bingo bonuses presents our Bingo speak / Bingo chat dictionary explaining just what your fellow bingo roomies are discussing on the chat boards, during and between games.
With our bingo chat dictionary you will soon teach you the difference between LOL and ROTFL.
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For your information
Full house -
Bingo game where the objective is to cross off all of the numbers on a bingo card to win.

GL -
Good luck
GL2U -
Good luck to you
Good luck all next game
Goodnight all
GR8 -
GG  -
"Good game." This usually comes from a player who's being a good sport.
GJ  -
"Good job!" An alternative to "wtg."
Guaranteed jackpot -
Non progressive cash prize, you win the exact amount advertised.

HB -
Hurry back

JK -
Just kidding
JP -

Laughing out loud

No deposit bonus -
Free bonus requiring no deposit or commitment from the player, usually a cash amount or free bingo games.

On the floor laughing
One to go, two to go etc -
The number of numbers you require to win.

PLS - "Please!"
If somebody is close to getting a bingo on a big jackpot, they may type this. If the number they need is I-17, they may write "17 pls."
Pattern game -
Bingo game where the objective is to tick off the numbers on your bingo ticket in a pre defined pattern. First player to achieve this is the winner.
Progressive jackpot - Typically you need to call bingo within a pre-announced number of balls to win the progressive jackpot amount, in some games if bingo is not called within that number the jackpot may increase and roll over to the next time the game is scheduled.
1TG gameIf you were waiting for 1 number when full house was called then you win a share of a pre announced prize fund. (Not to be confused with chat usage)

2TG game -
If you were waiting for 2 numbers when full house was called then you win a share of a pre announced prize fund.  (Not to be confused with chat usage)

Away from keyboard
Auto daub - allows you to chat by automatically marking the numbers from you bingo card as they are called.

Back at keyboard
Be back later
Be back soon
BBs -
None cash prize offered by bingo sites, effectively tokens.
Be right back
Back to you
By the way
A promotional offer that gives one (or more) free bingo ticket for every ticket you buy.
Bonus - Cash incentive offered by all online bingo sites to entice player participation.
Bingo card/ticket - Grid containing random numbers purchased to play a bingo game.

Chat - 
Electronic communication between bingo players during and between bingo games on a chat board usually opposite the players bingo cards. The grammatical style used is similar to mobile phone texting using abbreviated words (A full listing is contained in this page).
Community Prize -
Usually a prize fund shared amongst all participating players in a bingo game.
Chat game -
usually quizzes taking place between bingo games for prizes.
CM - Chat moderator, person who regulates online bingo chat.

Dabber -
Large, usually felt pen used to cross out the numbers on a bingo ticket at a bricks and mortar bingo hall
Daub - To cross off a number on your bingo ticket/card
Deposit bonus -
A bonus paid to bingo players who make a first cash deposit at an online bingo site, can be 100-500%+ times the players deposit, for example you deposit 20 and the site adds 20 - 100 to your account depending on the sites offer.
Re-load bonus -
A cash bonus paid at some bingo sites to players making their second and subsequent deposits.
Re-deposit bonus - see Re-load
Roll on bingo -
90 ball game where once the full house and 1and 2 lines have been won, the game continues
till another full house is called, the total number of full house winners is determined by the site management.
Roomie - online bingo player.
Rolling on the floor, laughing.

Sorry all close
Superbooks/Super books -
An optional upgrade available during some free bingo games, the purchase of superbooks increases the value of your prize should you win.

TC -
Take care
TY -
Thank you
Thank you very much." This is shorthand to show gratitude for the well-wishes of other players.

WD - 
well done
WB -
Welcome back
Way to go

YW -
Your welcome

1tg, 2tg, 3tg etc.-
one/two/three numbers to go (to win the bingo game ) (chat usage)
55 (or any other number). If a player just needs one number to win, he or she may simply type "55" in the chat area, either to let everybody know or hoping for luck. (chat abv)
90 ball bingo game - Bingo game played in 3 stages, the first objective is to cross off all the numbers on one horizontal line of your bingo card. The second objective is to again cross off all the numbers on one horizontal line of your bingo card and finally cross off all remaining numbers on your card. The first players to achieve these goals win the cash prizes.