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Net / e-wallets
Net wallets are money transfer services for making online spending transactions, and they work like so;
You transfer cash from your bank account / credit card into your net/e- wallet to use for your online spending.
You may receive cash from others over the web into your net/e-wallet which can be paid back into your bank account or by cheque.
Anther net/e-wallet benefit is the ability to receive and deposit in foreign currencies easily, plus you don't need to expose your card details over the internet repeatedly.
The downside is, there's usually a fee to transfer cash either from or  to your bank account / credit card.
However some net wallet providers are cheaper than others for certain transactions, shop around and also check which net wallets a particular bingo site accept.
Some online bingo sites offer additional bonuses for depositing with their preferred brand of wallet.  
Popular brands are Moneybookers/Skrill, Neteller, PayPal

Online Bingo Deposit Methods

There are a multitude of deposit methods you can use at uk bingo sites, here is a guide to help you choose which suits your needs best. Biggest bingo bonuses gives a breakdown of what methods you can use at each bingo site and also gives you a heads up on special deposit offers.
Debit cards
Visa, Maestro, Switch, Electron, Solo, Laser, Delta;
Perhaps the easiest method of depositing and  accepted at most  of the UK's online bingo rooms, although electron and solo cards may not be accepted, see bingo site for details
Credit cards
Mastercard, Visa
Again generally accepted at most bingo sites, but be aware that cards issued by MASTERCARD, they have a policy of not accepting withdrawals back to these cards. What this means is if you deposit and win, you will find that you cannot withdraw your winnings back to your card.
To circumvent this you either need another card or a net wallet to get your winnings out. In order to save you any hassle it is probably easier not to use these cards unless you have no other choice, or open a net wallet account. One further negative with credits cards is that some sites charge a fee for their use.
Pre-paid cards
These are basically debit/credit cards that you deposit money (any currency) on to them for spending wherever you wish, on or off line. Pre paid cards can re-loaded with further cash or can be thrown away once the initial cash has been spent.
Pre-paids are available to everyone without credit checks although you will need to have a verifiable address.
The main issuers of these cards are Maestro, Mastercard and Visa.

Pre-paid cards charges may include the following :
Charges for the issuing of the card and initial loading of cash.
Loading of additional cash on to a card.

In general you should look for cards that have the lowest charges but bear in mind how your going to use the card, for example, if you plan to use the card for purchases but not cash withdrawals, then make sure the transaction fees are low but donít worry about any cash withdrawal fees.
Is for those who want to use cash rather than a card when buying goods and services on the internet. Spending Ukash is like spending cash. No age restrictions. No need to register. And there's no chance of anyone accessing your financial details.
Widely accepted amongst UK bingo sites
A Ukash voucher can be purchased at shops displaying the Paypoint, epay or Payzone signs.
The process works like this, you hand over your cash at one of the participating outlets, and in return you recvive a printed voucher containing a pin code which you enter at the online bingo you decide to play. 
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