Bingo for beginners how to play bingo

All you need to know to begin playing online bingo
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Online security
Before you start be safe!
Ensure that the security icon - the locked padlock or unbroken key symbol - is showing in the bottom of your browser window before sending your card details. The beginning of the retailer's Internet address will change from "http" to "https" when a purchase is made using a secure connection.

Tip: By double clicking on the padlock, you will receive confirmation that the padlock is still valid.

Check with your card issuer  to see what protection they offer against internet fraud, most offer refunds  should you be subject to online fraud, if they don’t, find one who does.
Don't give out your password. Pick a unique password to protect your account -- preferably one that would be difficult for others to guess. If you forget it, don't worry -- most sites will give you a hint or the option of receiving the password at a private e-mail address.
Play at reputable sites such as those featured by BBB beware of sites you have never heard of, you won’t get your money back and find that your playing against yourself and still managing to lose!
Always check the sites Terms and conditions.

Signing up:
Firstly choose from one of our featured  safe quality bingo sites  this entails entering your contact details and possibly your card details, although you may be trying out a free trial no deposit site the purpose of this is for age verification.


Check the sites terms and conditions as certain legal constraints are placed on the bingo operator due to money laundering and the ridiculous US ban on internet gaming.

Deposit methods

There are a multitude of these, basically falling into four groups, credit/debit card, net wallets (neteller etc),  e-vouchers (ukash) and prepay cards. A fuller explanation of deposit methods is given here.
How to play bingo
If you don’t know already, bingo is simplicity itself. A caller calls out random numbers and if the called number is on your bingo ticket / card you cross it off ( at online bingo sites you can either do this yourself or select “auto dab” and let the bingo software do it for you).
Ok so how do I win? Prior to the beginning of the game the caller will announce the winning objective, in 90 ball bingo game it will be firstly be a “line” where the first player to cross off each number on any horizontal line is the winner of the first section of the game, the next part of the game  is won by the first player to complete 2 horizontal lines, and finally the game concludes when a player has crossed off all of the numbers on their card this is known as a “full house”.
Another form of bingo game is “Pattern games” where the objective is to cross off the numbers  on your bingo card that matches a pattern which will be shown to you before the game begins, so for example if you are shown a picture of a bingo ticket with the top, sides and bottom line covered, the winner will be the first player to cross off the numbers on their card in this pattern.

Side Games
Most online bingo rooms have side games for you to play between bingo games, usually you can find slots and mini casino games for you to enjoy.

Online bingo chat:
For some this is more fun than the bingo itself, most bingo chat is moderated by a CM which stands for “chat moderator or  manager” their role is to ensure the smooth running of the site and offer support to players .
Bingo chat follows the conventions of all online chat and texting although some abbreviations are unique to online bingo, for a full listing of bingo chat abbreviations and their meanings see our bingo speak dictionary.
Begin playing
Generally all sites have several bingo rooms and each room has different bingo card prices ranging from free to £5 per card. The maximum number of cards you can purchase varies from site to site.
Select the number of bingo tickets you require and wait for the game to begin!

Playing tips
If the numbers are coming in fits and starts, you may find it hard to keep up. At  most sites, you can do a quick spot-check by clicking with your mouse on open squares. If a square has been called, it will register as a daub, useful should you need to answer a call of nature.
Most sites have an "auto daub" option to bring called numbers to your attention.
A false bingo call (clicking the bingo button at the wrong time) is frowned upon and slows down the game. Players who have too many false bingos in a day might be penalized.