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Bingo facts and trivia

Ladies named Margaret have the most good fortune playing bingo.

“Bingo” Was the popular crooner Bing Crosby's nickname as a child.

The biggest Bingo game ever played consisted of over 60,000 bingo players, another 100,000 players had to be turned away.

The late Don Revie, football manger of Leeds Uniteds successful 70's side and England, would  hold bingo games for his players on the eve of matches to distract them from the pressure of big games and foster social interaction amongst his players.

The luckiest star signs to be born under, according to research are;
1. Cancer 2. Aquarius 3. Pisces
The unluckiest is Capricorn.

Bingo was first played in the 1500s in Italy.

Bingo was popular in the early 1900s, but was developed as we know it today by US toy salesman Edwin S. Lowe who also gave us the name “Bingo” based on a variation of the word “Beano” in 1929.

Commercial bingo first emerged in the UK during the 1960s.

There are over 375 Online bingo sites.

The countries with largest number of bingo players are the US - Japan - UK

More than three million Brits regularly play bingo.

There are 688 licensed bingo clubs in the UK. Although this number is declining due to the smoking ban and the rise in popularity of online bingo.

Eight per cent of the population play bingo - 10% of all women and 5% of all men.

Celebs love bingo! Denise Van Outen is a big bingo fan, as are Catherine Zeta Jones and Robbie Williams. Hollywood heart throb George Clooney is also rumoured to be a fan having been introduced to the game by Catherine Zeta Jones on the set of the movie Intolerable cruelty (2003) and my personal favourite, comic genius Larry David is also a bingo nut (see episode 4 season 5 of HBO’s Curb your enthusiasm entitled “Kamikaze bingo” it’s hilarious).

On average 26 people per year are taken to hospital due to over excitement following a winning bingo call

The most common reasons for playing bingo are because it's fun, it offers companionship and the chance to socialise.

Ten per cent of Aberdonians  believe they have a lucky 'dabber' (fat felt-tipped pen).

96% of online bingo players claim to have won at least once.

Bingo has been known by several names through the ages amongst them, Lotto, Beano and Housie.

$100,000,000 of bingo cards are purchased in the US each week.

There are 552,446,474,061,129,000,000,000,000 different bingo card combinations.

The majority of online bingo players own cats.
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